American Controls & Automation Inc. (ACA) can offer custom user interface for all types of applications.  Whether it is a fully loaded Visual Studio application, or a smaller integrated HMI package that you require.

Most custom automation projects require not only the user interface; but connections to outside devices that control and run their applications.  ACA, is experienced on both sides and utilizes all types of automation hardware. Such as Delta Taus line of motion controllers, to all various kinds of I/O and data acquisition boards that are available. 

ACA also can create custom interface electronics if need be to complete your project.  ACA can take your project from beginning to end giving you a unique and a higher level of control over your applications.  Putting you in total control of your automation project and ahead of your competition.


Allow yourself to concentrate on other aspects of your business.
No need to hire personnel for one-time software projects.
Take advantage of higher end experience at a lower end cost.


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