Design Engineering from West Chicago, Illinois

American Controls & Automation, Inc. of West Chicago, Illinois, provides custom electrical machining solutions and design engineering services to help increase production times and outlays. You will be amazed at the difference a little engineering can make.

Electrical Discharge Machines

Our shop offers turnkey machining packages and services, making sure your equipment is tooled correctly and operating at the level you need it to.

Using the Viper series EDM machines, we are able to handle most aspects of electrical discharge machining. While most machine casting is imported, our shop specs all ball-screws and slides that are on the machine.
Everything from electronics to software can be handled by our American Controls & Automation technicians, ensuring control over the system and outcomes. This process allows for complete flexibility when meeting your needs and specifications.

Engineering Services

Our technicians and teams provide efficient and effective user interface services for a wide range of applications. Whether you have a fully loaded visual studio application or a smaller HMI interface, we can provide you the assistance you need at any level. Simply provide us with your idea and we will create the right design, layout, and panel to meet your specifications. Strict panel labor is available, as well.

Design Services

• Custom PCB Designs
• Services for Schematic, Drawing, or Existing Gerber Files
• Reverse Engineering & Redesign for Existing Boards
• Paneling Design & Services for Controls

Engineering Service Benefits

• Allows You to Concentrate on Other Important Business Tasks
• Removes the Need to Hire Personnel for a 1-Time Software Project
• Provides Higher End Experience at a Lower End Cost

We Carry the Following Break-Out Boards

• DB Sub Break-Out & IDC Break-Out Boards
• Various Sizes DB9, DB15, DB25, & DB37
• DB–Sub Male or Female
• DC 34 Pins & 50 Pins to Break-Out Available

• Din-Rail Mountable

• On-Board Filtering Ready
• On-Board Pull up or Pull down Ready
• Up to Five Amps Contact Current Ratings
• Temperature Ratings of 40 to 105 Degrees Celsius
Software, Design Engineering in West Chicago, IL

Software Screen, Design Engineering in West Chicago, IL

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